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Big Data 2014

The Big Data conference 2014 in Paris was crowed! There is no other words! It's incredible how much "hype" currently surrounds the words "BIG DATA". But be warned: Many companies are just using all this hype to sell you garbage. Really, the best solution to work on "Big Data" problems is Anatella & TIMi, everybody that tried our tools knows that! ;-)

Gartner Summit 2014 on BI

In April 2014, we were investigating the possibility to work with Gartner to promote our solutions. We met several interesting analysts in London and we decided to go! Business-Insight is now working with Gartner.

Teradata Universe 2014

Business-Insight is now a Teradata partner. To celebrate this strategic partnership, we occupied a booth at the Teradata Universe Conference in Pragues. This was a fun event! Many visitors showed a strong interest in predictive analytics in general and in TIMi in particular. We thank you all for your warm welcome!

BI-Community event 2011: Bi-Day

September 14&15, 2011 at Louvain-la-Neuve

Business-Insight participates to the major event in the domain of the Business Intelligence in Belgium: the BI-Community 2012 Event. Meet us there! The BI-Community is the reference in Belgium and Luxembourg on business intelligence topics. When this community decided to organize a large vendor-neutral event, most (nearly all) of the vendors active in business-intelligence responded!

Baqmar conference: RESET (2010)

Business-Insight participates to the major event in the domain of marketing research in Belgium: the Baqmar RESET conference in Ghent on the 16th of December! Meet us there!

Predictive Analytic World (2010)

Business-Insight participated to the major event of the year in the domain of predicitve analytics: the "Predictive Analytic World" conference in London on the 15th of November! Here are some photo of us there!

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