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Pure Data Mining Competitons (KKD cups)

Business-Insight is amongst the top winners of various datamining competitions: PAKDD2010, AUDSM2009, KDD2009, PAKDD2007:

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BI-Award 2012

September 13, 2012 at the Eletwijt Center.

Business-Insight wins the international competition "EMEA Vision Award for Business Impact" at the BI-Day 2012. The rules are: "The software solution that provides the highest substantiated business impact and the highest strategic advantage wins". More precisely, the judges choose the winning BI-projet with respects to the following criterias:
  • Is the solution groundbreaking (i.e., a new way to approach a problem, a transfer of information to a new industry, etc.)?
  • What is the ratio of cost to return on investment?
  • What was the impact on the business or organization?
  • Was the solution adopted throughout the organization?
  • Will the solution make it easier for the company to deploy future BI solutions?
The official result page of the "EMEA Vision Award for Business Impact" is here. For your convenience, we placed a copy of the official result page here (the copy is easier to access).

We made a joined presentation with Real Impact about a churn-retention solution for MTN South Africa. This churn solution involves Big-Data computations on a large social network formed by the phone calls to extract the social communities, social leaders, etc. (i.e. This particular type of computation is usually named "SNA" computations= "Social Network Analytics" computations. Some people also call it "Graph Mining"). Here are some numbers:

We computed (with the SNA modules from Anatella) many KPI's (more than 2500) based on the social communities and on the consumptions habits of each MTN subscriber. Using these KPI's, we deployed a very effective predictive model (built with TIMi) that predicts if a customer will soon leave MTN South Affrica. Thanks to this early alert, MTN South Affrica has enough time to deploy a targeted offer to prevent the churn.

The implemented solutions (developped 100% using TIMi+Anatella) is prefectly actionable because the whole process (data extraction from binary ASN-1 CDR logs, data preparation, data cleaning, SNA metrics computation, modeling, scoring) is 100% automated and runs in a few hours (10 hours) with the latest&fastest version of Anatella. The previous solution (developped using SAS) was not actionable because the time required to build a very simple model (no SNA, only 200 simple variables) was around 3 months. This very long duration made the process pretty useless because all the subsribers that were about to churn 3 months ago are completly unreachable 3 months later because they left the MTN network a long time ago.

Typically, the business impact of churn models is very large. When manipulating a large population (here: 21 millions subscribers), the ROI is even larger. We estimated that the ROI of the TIMi predictive model for churn is several millions euros per year (although MTN did not disclose any precise numbers).

AMCHAM EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award 2013

July 15, 2013 at the AMCHAM Center, 53 Avenue des Arts, B-1000 Brussels.

Oour Big-Data solution (based on Anatella & TIMi) was presented at AMCHAM EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award 2013" by our partner Real-Impact Analytics. AMCHAM stands for "American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AMCHAM)". …and we won the price!.

Amongst other things, the AMACHAM jury honored us with the price because of the innovative character of the presented solution. The official result page of the AMCHAM EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award 2013" is here. For your convenience, we placed a copy of the official result page here (the copy is easier to access).

You'll find here a Youtube video that gives a succinct description of the presented solution. This solution is based on Anatella, TIMi & Tableau. To summarize: The solution is a general tool to manage a complete telecom. It's composed of several modules:
  • a simple OLAP reporting module built with Anatella (for data preparation) and Tableau (for chart display). We used Anatella to compute all the aggregates and KPI's that are displayed inside an HTML page with Tableau. We are forced to use Anatella to make all Big Data computations (and not Tableau) because of the very large size of the raw data (several dozens of TB). This is a nice example of complementarity between Tableau and Anatella for an efficient reporting on Big Data.
  • an "Advanced Predictive Analytics" built with Anatella (for SNA computation and data preparation) and TIMi (for modeling).
During the ceremony, we met Ginni Rometty, the CEO of IBM, who warmly congratulated us as Big Data becomes the biggest source of competitive advantage.

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