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Anatella Added Value

Page last edited: December 14, 2013

Anatella is an ETL tool especially built for Analytical purposes and predictive Datamining. It includes some features (some data transformations and meta-data transformations) that are unique and extremely valuable in this field.

Only Anatella offers you enough flexibility to create the complex data transformations required for predictive analysis. Inside Anatella, you can even use the powerful & flexible JavaScript language to easily create new, extremely complex data transformations.

The unique key advantages of the Anatella-ETL engine are:
  • With Antella, You can manipulate tables with an unlimited number of columns.The whole Anatella software is built to manipulate tables containing up to 100.000 columns and beyond.

    This unique functionnality is also required when you want to create "one central creation dataset" that will be used to build ALL your predictive models. With the TIMi suite, the data-preparation time is reduced to nearly nothing because you can use the same (large) dataset to build all your models: no need to create one specialized dataset for each of your model! ...but then this dataset might become very "wide" (many columns) and you then need an ETL tool like Anatella that is able to process any number of columns.

    This functionnality is also required to do predictive text-mining.

    This functionnality is unique and of the highest importance when doing predictive analytics!

  • With Antella, You can manipulate tables with an unlimited number of rows.
    This is not unique but still...
  • Inside Anatella, the integrated-development-environment (IDE) that is used to create the new data-manipulation-scripts is extremely simple, intuitive & versatile.
  • The IDE of Anatella is based on a unique hybrid technology:
    • The simple transformations are described using "little boxes" (that is the most intuitive way to represent a data transformation and is a "de facto" standard for all the modern ETL tools).
    • The complex transformations are programmed using a scripting language based on JavaScript (standard ECMA-262) which is simple, complete and extremely versatile. JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming language currently used in the industry (it's used in nearly all webpages in the world!). You can leverage your already-existing-JavaScript-skills to become an ETL expert instantaneously!
  • Anatella is very easily extensible. There is a missing data-transformation? No problem! You can easily create new "standard transformation" (using the JavaScript language) and share them with your colleagues (Anatella even integrates a versioning system that allows you to easily manage all the different versions of your JavaScript scripts). Such an easy way to extend an ETL is really unique.
  • Inside Anatella, most of the data transformation operators are "meta-data free". It means that it is not necessary to define "metas-datas" to use 99% of the various transformations available in Anatella. This feature is very important because, in datamining, it is very common to manipulate tables of tens of thousands of columns and it is impossible to specify "by hand" the "meta-datas" of all these columns (...and that exactly what's all the other ETL tools force you to do). This is unique and of the highest importance when doing predictive analytics!
  • Anatella is fast (especially compared to java-based ETL). This is not unique but still...
With Anatella, you can create the most complex data transformation easily.
With other ETL tool, working with data was a nightmare.
With Anatella, it's now almost becoming fun!

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