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Page last edited: December 14, 2013

Stardust is a segmentation tool.

Despite the fact that segmentation tools cannot be used to create good rankings, they can still be used for many different applications. Maybe the most common of these applications is to create for the different "segments" of your population a different type of "communication". Indeed you do not talk in the same way to old people than to young people.

A powerful visualization engine is very important inside a segmentation tool (in opposition to a tool that creates predictive models). Indeed, in a segmentation analysis, the only way to validate the segments that you have created is to "visualize" them.

This is why Stardust offers a real-time 3D visualization of your results thanks to an engine that uses the latest advances in 3D hardware accelerated rendering. No other segmentation software offers similar functionnalities, even remotely.

The unique key advantages of the Stardust Engine are:

  • StarDust offers you real-time 3D visualization of your whole population. The rendering of the 3D display is performed using hardware-accelerated OpenGL libraries. These high-performance libraries allow the smooth display of millions of customers in real time. This is unique.
  • Stardust is scalable: The analytical engine of StarDust creates high-quality segmentation on large databases of several gigabytes in a few minutes. Stardust can easily process and display databases containing millions of customers. This is unique.
  • The analytical engine of Stardust is very versatile because it integrates many small algorithms classically used for segmentation analysis, such as: PCA algorithm, quantile-recoding algorithm, "Minimum spanning tree" algorithm, many variation of the "ward's algorithm", many variations of the "K-Means algorithm", etc. You can also use many distance-definitions: Pearson-Distance, Cosine-Distance, Euclidean-Distance, etc. All these algorithms and options are at a few mouse-clicks from you! This is not unique but still...
  • Stardust is Multi-touch enabled, so that you can explore your population with your fingers!
With Stardust, you can:
* find interesting figures about your data in a few mouse clicks.
* explore in real-time 3D, and in an multivariate way, your full enterprise-level database.
This is unique.

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