Business Insight

A categorization of the different Business Intelligence solutions.

Business-Intelligence is a really vast field, still growing. Each day new companies propose new products that are supposed to help you achieve better business performances. Of course, each company claims that their solution is the final answer to all your needs!

This section is not about convincing you (again!) that our tools will answers all your needs (of course, they will!) but simply to give you enough information about the different types of commercially available solutions to make a enlighted choice.

We will try to give some answers to these questions:

  • What functionnalities do each type of Business-Intelligence solution offers you?
  • How does the Business-Insight solution complement or supplement other Business-Intelligence solutions?
  • And, one last very important subject, of course: Why do you need, in priority, our solution rather than any other software solution?
Classical solutions for Business-Intelligence can be, roughly categorized as following:

We will also briefly explain how to compare objectively the performances (in terms of ROI) between different Analytical CRM tools, so that you can choose the one that generates the highest ROI for your needs.

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