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Business Intelligence

Business-Insight is the creator of the TIMi Suite: a complete and integrated suite of predictive datamining tools that are covering all the analytical needs for your enterprise! The TIMi Suite produces reliable predictive analyses & segmentation analyses that give you the best business-insight about your B2B or B2C market, your advertising campaigns and more!

It is often said that we suffer from "information overload", whereas we actually suffer from "data overload...".
When you use the TIMi Suite, you stop asking yourself "Why are my customer behaving like this?". You can act according to your customer behaviors and profiles and directly improve your market performances.

We all know the power of the killer app.It's not just a support tool;
it's a strategic weapon ("Hardvard Business" journal).
The sizes of the databases currently available in most major companies (banks, insurance, telco,...) is growing "out of control". At the same time, we suffer from the lack of predictive datamining softwares able to extract information, knowledge and precious Business-Insight out of these enormous databases. How to analyse all these data to extract some information usable from a Business perspective? The solution is finally here: the TIMi suite.

Predicting the needs and profitability of individuals is key to your growth. Predictive marketing can increase your success rate by 500% or more for targeted cross-selling & real time strategies.
Using the right analytical software to analyse your data will give you the edge over your competitors.