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       - "Anatella" is part of the "TIMi suite".

The "TIMi sofwtare suite" contains a powerful ETL tool named Anatella. Anatella allows you to manipulate your data to easily obtain suitable datasets for predictive (or segmentation) analysis.

Anatella has also some OLAP capabilities since it's able to automatically generate nice MS-Office reports. For example, this Anatella-Data-Transformation-Graph instantaneously delivers a nice_Powerpoint_presentation (where all the graphics are computed "on-the-fly" by Anatella):


You can have a look at the delivered powerpoint presentation here.
Here are two screen shots of the powerpoint presentation:


Anatella is a data manipulation tool, also known as "ETL tool"("ETL" is the contraction of "Extract, Transform & Load"). Anatella is an ETL tool specialized in analytical and "predictive datamining" tasks. The name "Anatella" is the contraction of "Analytical ETL": it's the first ETL tool especially designed for Analytical Tasks on large data volume.

Before any datamining activity, before building any predictive model, the first task to accomplish for the dataminer is to place all the available data into the proper format (when using TIMi or Stardust, it usually means obtaining one single very large dataset). Once you have a dataset, you can analyze it with TIMi and StarDust.

Anatella offers you the following capabilities:
  • Anatella is 100% Unicode compliant. You can work on any character set (Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese,...) without losing any information, ever.
  • Classical ETL features : advanced data manipulation tool:
    • Join tables
    • Columns & Rows filtering out of tables,
    • Sorting,
    • Format conversions (CSV, SQL , SAS,...),
    • Automatic Scoring (using the TIMi predictive models)
    • Automatic segmentation (using the StarDust segmentation models)
    • Textmining
    • Derivation of new columns for predictive modeling:
      • Automatic generation of hundreds of thousands of new, derivate columns.
      • a full scripting language based on JavaScript (standard ECMA-262) that allows you to express the most complex transformations, validations, aggregations, derivations.

        This language is similar (but more versatile) to a "SAS datastep".
  • The Anatella Integrated-Development-Environment (IDE) that is used to create the new data-manipulation-scripts is extremely simple, intuitive & versatile. This environment is based on a unique hybrid technology:
    • The simple transformations are described using "little boxes" (that is the most intuitive way to represent a data transformation and is a "de facto" standard for all the modern ETL tools).
    • Complex transformations are programmed using a scripting language based on JavaScript (standard ECMA-262) which is simple, complete and extremely versatile.
  • Anatella is the only ETL tool available on the market to offer you a direct access to an complete & powerful "debugger" with an interface similar to the famous MS Visual Studio debugger (to "debug" the scripts written in JavaScript/ECMA-262): you can add "break points" to your code,  add some "watch" on variables, see the "stack",... It's great! I can't live without it anymore!

  • Anatella contains a versioning tool that allows you to easily manage and share with your collegues all your transformation scripts.

  • Inside Anatella, most of the data transformation operators are "meta-data free". It means that it is not necessary to define "metas-datas" to use 99% of the various transformations available in Anatella. This feature is very important because, in datamining, it is very common to manipulate tables of tens of thousands of columns and it is impossible to specify "by hand" the "meta-datas" of all these columns (...and that exactly what's all the other ETL tools force you to do).

  • Anatella can read in "native mode" compressed dataset files in text format (CSV). The supported compression formats are RAR (unique!), ZIP, GZ, LZO.s
  • Anatella reads natively SAS datasets file (.sas7bdat file)

  • Anatella offers you a direct access to all the "classical" relational databases via ODBC & OLEDB connectors (TerraData, Oracle, SqlServer, ...). These connectors have been thoroughly speed-optimized.

  • Automatic "batch" creation of any Microsoft Office report. The charts & graphs of the document will contains some data extracted from the Anatella-Data-Transformation-Graph. Anatella is able to generate ANY AND ALL KINDS of charts available inside the MSOffice suite. You have full control of all the settings of all the charts. For example, you can obtain, in a few mouse clicks, each day, an automatic update of all the charts of your preferred PowerPoint presentation.

  • Anatella handles flawlessly large data tables (hundreds millions of rows and hundreds thousands of columns) (out-of-core algorithms). Anatella is the only ETL tool able to process flawlessly rows containings more than a few thousands columns.

  • Anatella is Fast.
Maybe the most striking feature of Anatella is that it's meta-data-free. I cannot count how many hours I lost with other ETL tools because the data-type of one of my (many) column in my tables was not accurate.

Anatella unique added value

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