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The main and primary objectives of any Analytical CRM tool are:

  • To create the most accurate predictive models for various type of usage:
    • "Propensity to buy" models for B2C and B2B applications
      There are many variations of the classical "propensity to buy" model: "Customer Acquisition" models, "Cross-selling" models, "Up-selling" models, "credit appetite" models, "Next best offers" models, "Next best activity" models, "Next best product" models. All these models are special cases of the more general type of "propensity to buy" model.
    • Probability of Default
    • Churn prediction and prevention (also called "Retention")
    • Predictive models for "Strategic & Tactic decisions"
    • In a lesser importance: Customer-Life-Time-Value forecasting
  • To use/apply these predictive models in various ways on various database and hardware.
  • To extract, through predictive analytics, accurate "insights" about your business process.
To create any predictive model, you need a "learning dataset". You can easily create your "learning datasets" using the powerful data-preparation tool (ETL) included inside the "TIMi suite": Anatella.

The "TIMi suite" allows you to easily create, through a wizard-based interface, any predictive model for any "classical application" of predictive datamining like: "Propensity to buy" Model, "Probability of Default model", "Churn Prediction model", predictive models for "Strategic & Tactic decisions". You will find more detailed examples about each type of predictive model in the next sections.

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