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Since 2007, the Business-Insight company offers the "TIMi software suite": one of the most advanced & accurate predictive datamining solution available in the world: This is demonstrated by our outstanding results at many various world-level datamining competitions: see this document for more information at this subject.

TIMi: predictive tool

Here are some video tutorials about TIMi:

Here are some additional notes about data preparation for modelisation with TIMi (there are two specialized version of this document for churn prediction and for propensity to buy prediction).

Here is a document that explains why a small increase in the accuracy of the predictive model directly result in significant and large ROI increase (100.000 euros and more).

Stardust: segmentation tool

The 4 videos below illustrate the functionalities of the Stardust segmentation tool.

Anatella: ETL tool

You can download here the quick user's guide to Anatella.

Anatella contains by default many standard data transformation that already covers all of the classical & common data transformations required for predictive analysis.

If you don't find a data-transformation amongst the vast choice of data transformation available in standard, you can easily extend Anatalla by adding new transformations developped in Javasrcipt. If you don't know javascript yet, there is a very good and short introduction to javascript inside the quick user's guide to Anatella. If you want additional information about JavaScript, please refer to the book "OReilly: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide".

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